At our inception over 30 years ago, we focused on representing public entities in connection with municipal law, redevelopment, public finance, land use and environmental litigation. Since that time, GdB expanded those practice areas to include essentially all of the areas of municipal law and public agency law which our clients routinely encounter, including service as contract city attorney.

We have purposely limited ourselves to representing governmental entities in order to virtually eliminate conflicts of interest between our clients. This strategy also allows us to remain focused on our core practice of municipal law and public agency law, which ensures a high level of proficiency. As a result, we provide legal services in the most efficient and economical manner.

In addition to having highly qualified attorneys and personnel, GdB is fully digitized and operates on a secure area network. We have fully converted to a digital law library and utilize state-of-the-art research programs to provide fast and efficient results. To share confidential information with our clients, we use enterprise file services, which are more secure than cloud-only storage providers by supporting storage across a mix of local, private, and public clouds and allows us to keep sensitive data on-premises. As such, our clients can confidently share and discuss information and discuss confidential matters via the internet without threat of unauthorized access.

As a service to our clients, GdB offers free seminars and workshops in various areas of interest throughout California. Seminar topic discussions include civic leadership, Brown Act issues, redevelopment and post-redevelopment law, public finance, conflicts of interest for public officials, and employment issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment. GdB is committed to providing the highest quality service to all our clients. We recognize that education is just as important to success as any other service we provide.

GdB’s objective is to provide timely advice, superior service and effective legal representation to facilitate clients achieving their goals. We also sincerely believe that our specialized knowledge in municipal law and public agency law, our unparalleled experience in representing a diverse array of municipalities and public agencies, and our uncompromising commitment to our clients are the traits that distinguish us from multi-practice law firms. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive legal services GdB offers.